Rebel with us this Easter!


The Easter Uprising is Coming!

This Easter Christian Climate Action is joining in with the Extinction Rebellion. We think that tackling climate change and ecological breakdown is serious enough to demand civil disobedience, so we’re taking part in the Extinction Rebellion this Easter in a campaign of nonviolent direct action calling for action.

From 15th April onwards Christian Climate Action and Extinction Rebellion will take part in a sustained mass disobedience in London. Interest is growing fast, but for the uprising to make a difference we need numbers. Extinction Rebellion is aiming for 10,000 participants.

There are four ways you can get involved:

1. Join us! Contact Christian Climate Action if if you want to come along and we will connect you with other Christians taking part. You absolutely do not have to be willing to be arrested to get involved.

2. Invite a speaker. Can you arrange for a local Christian Climate Action or Extinction Rebellion member to attend a meeting with you and your church and get into conversation about how civil disobedience is a possible Christian response to the coming climate/ecological crisis? Let us know by emailing

3. Publicise the April Rebellion. Please point people to this website and to 

Extinction Rebellion has brought a lot of new people into the world of activism and tapped into new energy. We’re really keen to see more Christians get involved.

XR’s guide talks about Affinity Groups – Christian Climate Action is an Affinity Group within XR and you are welcome to join us for some or all of the Rebellion from 15th-27th April.

As the guide says, action begins on 15th, but please let Christian Climate Action know if you’re around on Sunday 14th April for a day of CCA planning and banner-making.

You can also let them know you’re coming via these Facebook events: and – saying you’re ‘going’ on Facebook will help us get the word out.


Blood of Our Children Protest

Three members of Christian Climate Action, Jim Green, Nicholas Cooper and Phil Kingston, took part in ‘The Blood of our Children’ Extinction Rebellion Protest in London on 9th March 2019.

Phil, from Holy Family Church in Patchway, S. Glos said that ‘hearing the passionate, knowledgeable and plain-spoken statements of about fifteen young people aged between 10 and 20 moved and inspired me. This event had been arranged in liaison with the police. They knew that we would be pouring bio-degradable replica blood on the road and whilst they agreed to that as being within our right of public protest, they said that if we carried it out we would be arrested for criminal damage.’

This action took place to raise awareness of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Report in September which stated that there are now only 11 years in which to reduce CO2 emissions to a level which gives a possibility of limiting runaway climate change. The police closed Whitehall to traffic and people dressed in black walked in silence along Whitehall to the entrance to Downing Street. A single ring of a bell marked the slow pace. The young people led the way, followed by about forty-five adults who carried buckets of “blood”, and numerous supporters followed. Those with “blood” formed an arc facing towards Downing Street, with the young people and supporters behind them. Phil described how ‘’the silence was maintained while we poured the “blood” down the camber of the road towards Downing Street and then sat down behind the empty buckets to await arrest. In fact the police decided to arrest no-one.’

The young people each then spoke for up to two minutes and the words of a number of them are on this four minute video

The event ended with a song which expressed their concerns, followed by two minutes of silence in which participants could reflect upon what was most in their hearts.

We in Christian Climate Action ask if other Christians will send this message and video link far and wide to encourage the school children’s and student’s strikes; and to call all ages to take part in Extinction Rebellion’s international week of action from 15th to 20th April to draw attention to the environmental and social catastrophe for which the world is currently on track. Government and major opposition parties are not speaking the truth about this climate crisis, let alone taking meaningful action. This rebellion is in the hands of ordinary people. A determined mass movement of nonviolence is necessary if those who currently wield political power are to face the truth and act accordingly.  And for the outcome to result in the care of creation and the common good of all people with no-one excluded, it can only happen under God.